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“IONPURE” Electro-deionizer for demin. water and ultra-purified water systems


“EVOQUA” Water Purification for laboratory and industries
Evoqua Water Technologies (Formerly known as Siemens Water Technologies) specializes in water treatment solutions for laboratories and industrial organizations.


UV Disinfection/Sterilization

• Inline configuration for space safing.
• Open channel type for large scale uses and logoons.

Chemicals-Free Solutions for HVAC and Water Purification
• ScaleBlaster
• MineralPURE
• OzoneMAX:


“STAC” Reliable and economic choice of water pumps for various applications.


An Innovative Boiler Treatment

Anodamine is an alternative and innovative boiler treatment that performs better and far beyond the limitation of conventional treatment.


“NSAT” The PVDF hollow fiber membranes for raw water filtration and recycling.